Done! For now at least…

Time to get back to my precious precious Downton Abbey tumblr blog.

2 thoughts on “Done! For now at least…

  1. maltesegirl says:

    This is awesome! I wanted to post after every post- but couldn’t find the box. I started skimming through the summaries- I didn’t want to have the action ruined! (I did read all the reflections though) Your reflections are so wonderful- you’ve incorporated history, the plot, the themes and issues and your reflections so well. I also love all the pics and videos you’ve uploaded. Also- hardly any spelling mistakes! Bravo! An awesome job! I am buying this series when I’m done report card comments!

    • Kay that seriously just like made my weekend, I was so worried I wouldn’t do a good job. I’m so glad you didn’t read the summaries! I was hoping you wouldn’t because that would have ruined absolutely everything about the series for you. Hope this will make up for my exam, thanks!

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