Episode 1 Reflection

I think this episode is a great example for the changes soon to come in this point in history. In the beginning of the episode the Titanic is the main focus. The Titanic is important because not only does it affect the Crawley family but the servants too, as well as people all around the world. This month is the 100th anniversary of the ships sinking, and people to this day are still amazed and saddened by the mystery and tragedy that is the Titanic. The Titanic sailed with 2,228 people aboard and unfortunately only 705 of these people lived (32 percent). Theoretically, if everyone in Downton Abbey would have been on the Titanic, very few would have survived. I figure in episode 1 we meet about sixteen characters who reside in Downton Abbey so if they were to go on the Titanic only five of sixteen would have survived. These people would most likely have been the five female Crawleys because 94% of first class women & children survived the Titanic. This means that Lord Grantham (even though a first class citizen) & every servant in Downton Abbey would have died. THATS CRAZY SAD!  SAD SAD SAD

On a lighter note, Downton is becoming even more luxurious upstairs with…ELECTRICITY! Some of the older and more traditional characters seem far more skeptical of electricity’s flaws, but I have trouble imagining our lives without it. In Downton it is not uncommon to see a maid or a footman carrying a lit candle or oil lamp at nighttime but I doubt you would see that now."I feel as if I were onstage at the gaiety" - Dowager Countess of Grantham

And now for my favourite part of each reflection, my favourite Dowager Countess quote of each episode which shall be known as DCQs.

In this scene Lady Grantham (Cora Crawley) & her mother in law the Dowager Countess of Grantham (Violet Crawley) are discussing how they hope to make Mary the sole inheritor of Downton Abbey. Since Violet is very old-fashioned she has never really liked Cora as a daughter in law because she is an American and a little rebellious for her standards, it is odd to see them conspiring together.


Dowager Countess: “I didn’t run Downton for thirty years to see it go to a stranger from..god knows where.”

Lady Grantham: “Are we to be friends then?”

Dowager Countess: ” We are allies, my dear which can be a good deal more affective.”

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