Episode 2

Surprise, surprise more drama seems to unfold in this episode. In the beginning we are properly introduced to Lord Grantham’s new heir Matthew Crawley & his mother Isobel Crawley. Thought the Crawleys are second class citizens some of the people at Downton find it insulting that a “commoner” will be inheriting the Crawley fortune. The majority of the family (particularly the Dowager Countess) are not taking their arrival well.  

Seeing as though Cora & the Dowager are trying to marry Mary off, they propose that she should see Matthew so that she could remain heiress of Downton when her father dies. But of course Mary is far to difficult to go for that, and she makes her dislike for Matthew quite plain. As Matthew & his mother begin to adapt to their new life in the Crawley House we soon learn that they have a very different lifestyle then their distant family at Downton. Both mother & son soon state that even though they will be living in first class they must have occupations. Isobel soon is working at the local hospital and pitching for new treatments to be used and when the Dowager Countess (the president of the hospital) becomes aware that Isobel is having input she makes it her business to try to get rid of her.

Isobel & Matthew

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