Episode 2 Reflection

Episode two is one of my personal favourites because it is when we see how badly society judged you on wealth. The new arrivals of Matthew & Isobel really get under peoples skin, the funny thing is, a lot of the prejudice towards them is coming from the servants. Particularly Lady Cora’s lady’s maid Miss.O’Brien (my favourite person in existence). When Cora overhears her opinions on the new heir she is less than happy and tells O’Brien it is not “her place” to say such things. In these days it was really a matter of the money you had that would clarify what you could and couldn’t do. If you were wealthy you were important and could be far more liberated, while if you were poor your opinions did not matter. The same went for women, if you were a woman you were expected to keep your mouth closed and agree with your husband or superiors. Today, people have a fairer chance. Though it still remains that the wealthy business people call the shots, the little people are still entitled to speak their own. It is no wonder that Miss.O’Brien is skeptical of Matthew Crawley becoming heir because she finds it unfair that someone not so different from her own social status will be a Lord just through blood ties.

I also think that it is so great that even though Matthew & Isobel now have the financial security to sit back and relax forever, they both still wish to contribute to society. For Isobel to volunteer at the hospital would have taken a lot of courage because medical science was so low. Ultimately her volunteering saved a life because had she not persisted on pushing a new treatment on a patient he would have died without the procedure. It is incredible that back then even medical treatments were trial and error. Now, everything has to be tested first and studied profusely.

Episode Two

Dowager Countess Quote:

Lord Grantham: ” You do know I mean to involve you in the running of the estate ? ”

Matthew: ” Oh don’t worry there are plenty of hours in the day, and of course I’ll have the weekend. ”

Lord Grantham: ” We’ll discuss it later, we don’t want to bore the ladies. ”

Dowager Countess: ” What is a week-end? ”

*Everyone goes silent*

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