Episode 3

Episode Three is one of the most soap opera-like episodes. Firstly, we begin with the main subplots of two servants Gwen ( second housemaid ) & Mr.Bates. Gwen has confessed how she wants to leave service and become a secretary, which causes a large brouhaha amongst the servants. But she is unexpectedly supported by Lady Sybil ( youngest Crawley sister ). Also, Bates has purchased a limp corrector because he has grown tired of not being able to be of much help in the house. Recently Mary plainly stated her dislike for Matthew and their relationship seems to be going no further. Since everyone wants Mary to be “settled” Lady Grantham encourages the visit of Evelyn Napier in hopes Mary will take a shine to him. Of course, Mary being difficult as always takes a shine to his friend Kamal Pamuk instead. On the first night of their visit to Downton, Thomas the first footman makes an advance on Mr.Pamuk. Pamuk then makes a compromise with Thomas that if he escorts him to Lady Mary’s bedroom unseen he will not tell the Crawleys of his advance on him. Mr.Pamuk makes a stop in Lady Mary’s bedroom and suffers a heart attack in her bed. Mary then has her maid Anna & her mother help her move his body back to his own room so the scandal will not get out. But in a house of such a grand scale Daisy the kitchenmaid sees the women transport the body across the house.

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