Episode 3 Reflection

This episode really displays some good humanity to me. It is awesome to see Lady Sybil helping Gwen to fulfill her dream of becoming a secretary. Women especially of the third class definitely needed all the help they could get finding an occupation. They would be considered uneducated but in Gwen’s case there is no question of her intelligence. For Sybil to step out and help her would also have been a big deal because in a “normal” aristocrats household, servants and countesses/earls would not fraternize. But Gwen & Sybil seem to carry on a good companionship and I think that should be admired.Sybil is clearly the more kind and modern member of the family. All of the quarrels of the sisters seem to be Edith vs. Mary. Since Mary has thrown over Matthew, Edith quickly tries to snatch him up but it is very obvious Matthew isn’t interested in her. I can relate to Edith very much. Though I don’t have a sister I have my cousin Rae. We were never much for competing but it was hard not to feel like a spare part when we were together. Rae was always heavily admired and could get away with anything because of her looks, and boldness but I never had these perks. Edith is always made the outcast of the family and is always pushed aside for Mary and Sybil. Edith truly is the epitomy of middle child syndrome.I also have a lot of sympathy for Bates. He tries really hard to exceed expectations and is the nicest person in the whole house. But his injury really holds him up. I can’t even imagine having a severe leg injury and working in a place like Downton Abbey. For a servant it would be endless stair climbing and running around for the family upstairs. Being a valet it is Bates’ job to tend to Lord Grantham meaning anything he requires personally is left to Bates. Had Lord Grantham fired him like most wanted, Bates would have been unlikely to find other work. The good thing is Bates will always have Anna and Lord Grantham.

Lastly, I majorly sympathize for Cora! When Mary and Anna woke her to help them transport Mr.Pamuk back to his own room, she was so disturbed and hurt by the fact that her daughter was now…well…impure.

Poor Cora, if Mary was my daughter….

Dowager Countess Quote:

Dowager Countess: ” Oh, my dears! Is it really true? I can’t believe it. Last night he looked so well! Of course, it would happen to a foreigner. It’s typical. ”

Lady Mary: ” Don’t be ridiculous! ”

Dowager Countess: ” I’m not being ridiculous. No Englishman would dream of dying in someone else’s house, especially someone they didn’t even know. “

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