Episode 4


Episode four is a really nice episode because it is one of the most character personal episodes. There is not a lot going on historically, but we see what is happening in certain character’s lives. We first meet Tom Branson the Grantham’s new chauffeur from Ireland. He is very political and tries to encourage others to be as well. He over hears Lady Sybil talking to her mother and sister Edith and gives her pamphlets for women to have the vote. William begins to develop a crush on Daisy but she has a crush on Thomas. Just to discourage William Thomas asks Daisy to the fair (even though he is gay). The only ones who seem to know that Thomas is gay are the three female senior members of staff ( Miss.O’Brien, Mrs.Patmore, & Mrs.Hughes ). Mrs.Hughes ( housekeeper ) gets a night off and meets her old boyfriend at the county fair. After they catch up he proposes to her and she has to make a choice between marrying him or staying at Downton Abbey.


While we get more easily acquainted with the servants, the Dowager Countess is stirring up trouble. The Dowager is still having trouble with Matthew being the new heir and not Mary. Since Matthew is a lawyer, she visits him asking if he would fight for Lady Mary to be heiress.

The good thing is Mary and Matthew begin to become more civil with each other when Matthew explains that he tried to fight for Mary’s inheritance.  Also the Dowager Countess is still battling with Matthew’s mother Isobel. Isobel has diagnosed her butler with what she believes to be erysipelas. But when the Dowager finds out it is a simple plant allergy, she is more than happy to rain on Isobel’s parade.

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