Episode 6

Episode 6 takes place in 1914. We see Lady Sybil attending a political rally. When Lord Grantham finds out where his youngest daughter has been he is less than impressed and blames Branson, saying he is the cause since he is an “Irish radical”. Meanwhile down in the servant’s hall, we would think after Thomas & O’Brien’s plan for getting rid of Bates backfired, they would stop their scheming. But that is not the case. Instead O’Brien tells Thomas to go to Mr.Carson and say that Bates has been stealing wine (even though Thomas stole it ). Thomas is aware of Daisy infatuation towards him so he asks her to lie and tell Mr.Carson that she saw Bates steal wine as well. Also Gwen has been rejected for the secretarial position, but Lady Sybil keeps faith in her. Lady Edith starts seeing more of Sir Anthony Strallan, leaving Mary feel jealous ( though she would never admit it ). Later on Sybil lies to her father and says she is going to a meeting, she gets Branson to drive her but Branson is unaware he is driving her to the count for women to be able to vote. When Branson sees where they are he wants to go back to Downton because he doesn’t think Lord Grantham will approve of Sybil being at the count. Sure enough while they are there Sybil gets knocked out and Matthew comes to the rescue.

NO!!! jk shes fine.

Once Sybil is back at Downton, Lord Grantham is furious and blames Branson for the whole thing. Later that night Mary is thanking Matthew for rescuing Sybil, and they finally kiss! Afterwards, Matthew asks Mary to marry him and it seems that Mary is leaning towards accepting.

While Matthew & Mary grow closer, word of the Pamuk/Mary scandal is spreading and unfortunately it reaches the Dowager Countess. Cora reluctantly explains to the Dowager what happened and how she helped Mary transport his body back to his own room. When the Dowager is told this she of course is appalled by Cora’s actions, but Cora finally sticks up for herself. Eventually in the end when they are back on speaking terms the Dowager Countess credits Cora for actions.

With Bates still in the line of fire downstairs Daisy is talking to William when they discover his mother is ill one afternoon, and he makes her realize that lying about Bates was wrong and that it was wrong of Thomas to ask her to lie. She then goes to Mr.Carson telling him she was wrong, and then of course Thomas & O’Brien are questioned about Bates once again and they fortunately aren’t believed by Mrs.Hughes or Mr.Carson. Bates later confesses that in the past he was a drunk and was imprisoned as a thief. He then demands his resignation, but Mr.Carson won’t let him go with out Lord Grantham’s consent. Bates then tells Anna that she should find a man worthy of her but she is to dedicated to him. And! They ALMOST kiss! grr.

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