Episode 6 Reflection

In 1912, if a woman had sex before she was married she was a scandalous woman. In 2012, if a woman has premarital sex she is called an average teenager. In just one hundred years look how much things have changed. When women did something scandalously clad it was hidden, they were classy about their affairs. Now the female population typically likes to broadcast everything about their personal lives to everyone. I also can’t imagine the lack of women in the work place in the 1910s. Typically women stayed home and had a full day tending to all the house work. That is why I am so proud of every female servant in Downton for being independent and taking things into their own hands. I am proud of women like Miss.O’Brien who were your typical “spinsters” who were unlikely marry so they would have to hold their own. But in this part of the series I am most proud of Gwen. Even though she is a farmer’s daughter who came from nothing, she tries to follow her dreams. The best part is Lady Sybil wants to make Gwen’s dreams come true. Unlike her sisters Sybil is a very caring and kind person. I still can’t put my mind past the unexpected friendship Sybil & Gwen have but it is nothing short of inspiring. I wish I could go back to these times when women were cool, not annoying stereotypes.

Also in this episode I love how we finally get to see Edith not being so miserable. One of the most frequent lines used in Series 1 is “Poor Edith”. I think it is terrific that Edith has found a man she really likes. I think it also helped Edith with her confidence because finally she met a man who prefered her over Mary. Edith is forever in the shadows of her other sisters being the middle child, I hope it all will stop.

I prefer a happy Edith to a bitter Edith

Daisy! Daisy! Daisy! When I first began watching Downton Abbey I loved Daisy from the start, but as more episodes passed she kept letting me down. In the first episodes she is so sweet and nice but soon she turns into Thomas & O’Brien’s pet and I couldn’t stand it. Thomas & O’Brien can do plenty of scheming on their own without Daisy’s help. Fortunately, Daisy is starting to snap out of her phase and turn back into the antsy, adorable, fun-loving girl she really is. I can totally relate to Daisy, I find whenever I am under someone’s influence I change drastically (usually for the worst). I think everyone can take a lesson from Daisy because in the end she will always do what is right.

I want to carry her around in my pocket and take her out when I have a bad day 🙂

Lastly, I want to address how awesome it is that after all this time Violet & Cora are finally beginning to coexist as mother/daughter in law. In the first episode Violet is discussing with Robert her disappointment in his marrying Cora over 20 years ago! Seeing these two teaming up frequently gives me hope. I mean who really gets along with their mother in law?

Dowager Countess Quote:

Dowager Countess: One way or another, everyone goes down the aisle with half the story hidden.

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