Episode 7


Kay so…

In this episode a lot of stuff happens!

CORA IS PREGNANT!!! Which means if she has a boy Matthew will be disinherited. This of course makes Mary stall on accepting Matthew’s proposal ( under influence of her Aunt Rosamund ). Miss. O’Brien seems to be corresponding with a lady’s maid ( Vera, Bates’ wife )who has more dirt on Mr.Bates. O’Brien then takes the letters and shows them to Mr.Carson. The letters claim that Mr.Bates stole regimental silver and went to prison for it. When Bates sees the letter he says he wishes he could deny it. Mary is in London visiting her Aunt Rosamund and while she is there she gets a visit from Evelyn Napier who has come to tell Mary that it was Edith who wrote to the Turkish Ambassador about her. The time has come for the Granthams to decide what should be done with Mrs.Patmore because her vision is getting worse and worse. Lord Grantham comes to the conclusion to send her to London for an eye operation & Anna with her. While Anna is in London she finds Mr.Bates’ mother and she tells Anna who really stole the silver ( Bates’ wife Vera ). Fortunately Mrs.Patmore’s operation was a complete success. Lady Sybil also get Gwen another interview for a secretarial job.

While all of this is going on Miss.O’Brien overhears a conversation between Lord & Lady Grantham where Lord Grantham is trying to convince Cora to fire O’Brien for trouble making. Coincidently the Dowager Countess needs a new lady’s maid so when Cora puts out a new advertisement for a maid, O’Brien thinks she is being replaced. One afternoon while Cora is having her bath she drop a bar of soap, O’Brien fetches it for her but the soap broke into two. O’Brien retrieves one piece and gives it to Cora then tells her the other piece went under the bath, when really O’Brien moved it beside the bath so Cora would slip. O’Brien then goes into the next room but has a change of heart she starts proceeding back into the washroom telling Cora not to get out of the bath yet but it was too late. Cora had a miscarriage and we soon find out it was a boy 😦 O’Brien then is bitterly regretful.

The end of the episode takes place at the Grantham’s Garden Party. Mary confronts Edith and she admits to writing to the Turkish Ambassador. To get back at Edith, when Sir Anthony wishes to propose to Edith, Mary lies to Sir Anthony about Edith’s feelings towards him. Edith is left broken-hearted. Thomas is being inhumane about Cora’s miscarriage causing William to get angry, when Thomas then insults William’s mother who just passed away, William punches Thomas in the face. Also, Thomas was recently caught stealing Mr.Carson’s wallet meaning he must be fired. But before they get a chance to fire him Thomas hands in his resignation planning to go to war for a new experience. After all this Daisy & William are friends again after Daisy apologizes to him about picking Thomas over him. Finally, Mary & Matthew aren’t going to get married because of Mary’s reluctance to say yes to Matthew while her mother was pregnant.

Finally the last line of Series 1, Lord Grantham gets a telegram. He runs to the centre of the party and calls for silence then states “My lords, ladies, and gentlemen. May I have your attention, please? Because I very much regret to announce that we are now at war with Germany.”


Grrrrrrr that finale made me sad…

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