Episode 1



Series Two takes a leap beginning in 1916, we see Matthew in The Battle of The Somme. He then gets leave and is able to come to Downton for a few days. Mary & Matthew parted badly last series and Mary is still in love with Matthew. So naturally, Mary is internally broken-hearted when Matthew arrives at Downton with his new FIANCEE, Miss. Lavinia Swire (love this girl). Aside from Mary, the sisters seem to be coping well enough with war. Edith is slowly learning to drive with help from Branson, & Sybil decides she wants a job to help the war effort. Isobel finds an opening at a nurse’s college for Sybil to attend, but before she goes she gets some basic cooking/cleaning lessons from Mrs.Patmore & Daisy.  When Sybil arrives Branson tells her he loves her! Awwww! I knew it!

Downstairs, things are changing too. We are introduced to Ethel the new second housemaid replacing Gwen 😦 And it is very clear from the start of O’Brien’s dislike for Ethel. William wants to enlist for the war but his father won’t allow him to. HAPPY NEWS! Bates believes he will finally be able to get a divorce. His mother died (bad news) leaving him a nice amount of money. So Bates believes he will be able to bribe his wife, Vera into divorcing him for money. Therefore Bates proposes to Anna! YAY!

So everything is perfect right? Well we are now introduced to Mrs.Vera Bates who comes to Downton to take Bates back now that he has money. Vera is aware of Bates’ new “girlfriend” and purely wants her estranged husband back for money and revenge. Vera blackmails Bates into coming back to her by threatening to go to the newspaper about the Mary/Pamuk ordeal. Since Anna was an accomplice in moving Mr.Pamuk’s body, Bates goes with Vera leaving Anna broken-hearted. Lord Grantham is MAD at Bates for leaving (not knowing he didn’t leave on his own accord). Mrs.Hughes however, was listening in on Vera/Bates’ conversation and heard why Bates had to leave. When Mrs. Hughes tells Mr.Carson, Carson then tells Lord Grantham that Bates left to protect the honor of Downton. Finally, while this all goes on we at the end we see Thomas in the trenches. He clearly wants to go back home so he purposely gets shot in the hand so he gets sent home. What a guy.

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