Episode 2

A lot of ups & downs in this episode!

Mr.Bates has recently been replaced by Mr.Lang who is recently back from battle. Mr.Lang is very strange and no one seems to know what is wrong with him, but Miss.O’Brien recognizes he is suffering from shell shock. William has been conscripted and will soon be leaving for war, making him very excited. But before he leaves he asks Daisy if she will be his girlfriend but Daisy isn’t sure what to do because she just wants to be friends. 

Thomas is coming back to Downton but he needs a job, O’Brien proposes that Lady Grantham find him a job at the hospital alongside Sybil. When Cora pulls strings Thomas is soon working under Dr.Clarkson with a patient suffering from gas blindness. When the patient begins to adapt to his blindness, Dr.Clarkson states he will need to be transferred to a convalescent home. Thomas and the patient have befriended each other and he is upset about leaving Thomas’ care so he commits suicide. Lady Edith is taking on the job of driving tractor on the Drake’s Farm because young men are getting called to the front. While Edith is working, her and Mr.Drake become good friends, and one night Mrs.Drake sees the two of them making out in her barn. RUDE! The next day Edith gets a letter saying her service is no longer necessary. Mrs.Patmore is one of the many with family in the war and she receives a telegram stating her nephew is missing,presumed dead and we later find out that he was shot for cowardice. With all the hustle and bustle downstairs and losing Mr.Bates, Thomas & now William, Mr.Carson is extra busy and overworked. One night when the family is entertaining Mr.Carson suffers a minor heart attack. We are introduced to Richard Carslile (Mary’s new love interest) even though it is plainly obvious she is still in love with Matthew. We soon learn that Sir Richard & Matthew’s fiancee Lavinia have met before. One afternoon Lady Rosamund sees them arguing in the gardens. When Sir Richard leaves he proposes to Mary and Mary assures him she will consider his request. Lastly, Isobel & Sybil figure that to benefit the well being of the hospital’s patients that Downton Abbey should be come a convalescent home because of its grand scale and short distance to the hospital.

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