Episode 3

Thanks to Cousin Isobel Downton Abbey is now a convalescent home and she is taking charge. Of course O’Brien finds a problem in Isobel’s management and convinces Lady Grantham to let Thomas manage Downton under Dr.Clarkson’s orders. Though Thomas handed in his notice in 1914 to join the war, he has now had training in medical fields and has been promoted to Sargent.  Mr.Lang is still in Mr.Bates’ place but when Anna goes to the village she sees Mr.Bates and soon learns he is working at a pub in London. When they talk, Bates tells Anna that he now can FINALLY get a divorce because he found out that Vera had been “unfaithful” to him. Yay?

Rosamund still can’t let matters be between Mary and Matthew so she and the Dowager Countess try to question Lavinia on her relationship with Sir Richard. Lavinia later on tells Mary that she and Sir Richard never had a relationship together, she only helped him gather a scandalous news story in the past. Mary believes Lavinia and lets the situation be, though she still loves Matthew she likes Lavinia too.

William is leaving for war but he wants Daisy to marry him. Mrs.Patmore tells Daisy to say yes and then cancel after the war so he doesn’t leave broken-hearted. Branson has finally been called up and wants to avoid war at all costs because he is a socialist. He then takes has his physical and learns he has been declined by the war because he has a heart murmur. The war seems to be affecting everyone at Downton making Mr.Lang leave because his illness is affecting his performance.

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