Episode 3 Reflection

Surprise! Anna & Bates are still having problems thanks to Vera of course. But this episode made me feel badly for Vera. Bates discusses with Anna that since Vera has been unfaithful to him over the years, he can be granted a divorce. Vera on the other hand (being a woman) would need more than adultery to have her request for divorce fly. In the early 20th century women were still treated like idiotic, brain-dead, children in the eyes of the law. A man’s word was worth fifty times more than a woman’s and I find this incredibly insulting. We as the viewers see Vera as the “bad guy” because all we see is Anna & Bates’ love for each other since series one. But in actuality Bates is a married man and really is doing the same wrong Vera did. though Vera may have destroyed Bates’ life a couple of times… :S That is no reason to commit adultery. I don’t think the Bates’ will be making up anytime soon.

I can feel the love…

This episode is also the Isobel and Cora disputes. Since Downton Abbey has been transformed into a convalescent home, there is major competition between the two women. Isobel likes to be in control to be sure everything is done correctly and efficiently. This annoys many (mainly Cora) because she feels seeing as though Downton is her home, she should control the operation. I understand where both women are coming from, Isobel comes across as rude but she is doing it out of good intentions. I think Cora is very childlike in wanting everything her way, but at the same time she should have a say in what goes on in her own house. Throughout the series they definitely clash more than a few times. The only downfall is their arguments aren’t as entertaining as the ones between Isobel & Violet. All of these women are so amazing that I don’t know who to route for!                                                How can I choose who is more awesome??

Lastly, when Mr.Lang was leaving I felt really bad. This poor guy has been through everything, he definitely needs to rest not work. I hope later on (maybe in Series 3) the show will elaborate on past characters. Especially Gwen. She must return.

Dowager Countess Quote:

Dowager Countess: Well I’m going up to London to stay with Rosamund for a day or two, and I think we’ll have Lavinia up for tea.

Lady Mary: You sound as if you’re going to gobble her up.

Dowager Countess: If only we could.

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