Episode 4

Skipping over 1917 we’re in 1918 now apparently…and Downton is now more chaotic than ever. Cora and Isobel are constantly battling over schedules for the convalescent home, forcing Isobel to leave Downton and go to France where she can be of service to the war through the Red Cross. Mary has been recently noticing Sybil and Branson’s friendship and she insists Sybil to put a stop to it. Branson tells Lady Sybil that he will wait for her until she is ready to run away with him, leaving Sybil on the fence. Lord Grantham soon gets word of Mr.Bates’ whereabouts and convinces him to come back to Downton. Now that Isobel is in France & Matthew is at war their servants Mr.Molesley & Mrs.Bird make themselves useful (alongside Mrs.Patmore & Daisy) making a “soup kitchen” for men who have returned home injured from war. O’Brien makes it her business to inform Lady Grantham that they are making a profit off of the food. When Cora actually sees that they are doing this nonprofitably, everything turns out better than expected.

Oh god they’re in trouble……lol jk they’re not.

Lord Grantham later gets a phone call from the war office reporting that Matthew & William are “missing in action”. After much, while in the middle of a concert at Downton for the soldiers, William & Matthew appear, unscathed. It turns out they wandered away from their base running from German soldiers. Thank God! Last but certainly not least, Ethel the new annoying maid has been constantly flirting with a Major at Downton. Late at night Mrs.Hughes discovers them sleeping together and then fires Ethel on the spot. LOL Then just when we think she has gone, Ethel returns later declaring that she is pregnant. *facepalm*

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