Episode 4 Reflection

WHY ARE THE YEARS GOING BY SO FAST??? HONESTLY. ELABORATE! Oh Well the War ends in November!!!!!

There isn’t anything too extraordinary going on in this episode, but there are still a few things I want to say (of course)

At the beginning of the episode William tells Daisy that he will be coming back to Downton when he is on leave to visit. After a few days pass Daisy is starting to get anxious because they should have seen William by now. When she tells everyone she thinks William is missing no one thinks much of it, it isn’t until Lord Grantham looks into things that we find out the truth. As corny as it may seem, I think Daisy’s intuition towards William shows how great of friends they really are. Even though Daisy doesn’t love William like he likes her, it is nice to see relationships like these with the servants.

I never care about relationships but these two are SO CUTE!

I was so scared that something bad was going to happen to William & Matthew. I can’t even imagine waiting and worrying for someone to come back from the front in one piece. The sad thing is, people are still going through this today. In the First World War countries were far more under populated from what they are now, yet casualty deaths were said to be over thirty-five million. That is over three-quarters of everyone who lived in the United Kingdom at a time. The fact that the people in Downton have been practically unharmed so far is inspiring. Totally cried when I re watched them showing up at Downton unharmed!

Something weird. Mary & Edith are starting to get along? A bit anyway. The fact that Edith was the one to tell Mary that Matthew was missing was very kind of her (knowing she is in love with Matthew). Mary seems to be arguing more with Sybil now because she doesn’t want her to become accustomed to befriending servants. Mary like the vast majority of the upper class believe that the lower class have no place in socializing with their “betters”. All the best to Sybil, she never stops doing the admirable thing.

Lastly, I KNEW Ethel was going to screw something up. She thinks she is better than everyone else and is always talking of how she is going to make something over her self, leave service and be rich and famous. Finally O’Brien says, “you know what they say, be careful what you wish for.” Sure enough in the SAME episode Ethel goes and gets pregnant. Like seriously…girls I know now who get pregnant get looked down upon, let alone in the 1910s. I’m not used to throwing out personal examples but here is one: My Great Grandmother had a baby in 1938 so in 1939 she got married. Even though she was now wed she passed her child off as her husband’s little sister (instead of daughter) to avoid society’s judgement of their family. My Great Grandmother is now 97 years old and still won’t admit that the baby was her daughter…even though she had five more children after her. Since her first baby was a “bastard” no one could know the truth. Honestly Ethel, what did you expect a baby shower??? SIDENOTE: Mrs.Hughes when she caught Ethel and the Major in bed was fantastic.                               Cue mini-freakout!

Dowager Countess Quote:

Lady Mary: Really Granny. How can you say that I’m too worldly, but Sybil isn’t worldly enough? You cannot be so contrary.

Dowager Countess: I’m a woman Mary, I can be as contrary as I choose.

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