Episode 5

It nearing the end of the war, but it isn’t over yet. In the Battle of Amiens William and Matthew are injured by an explosion. Since William is not an officer he is sent to another hospital in Leeds which is miles away from Downton. Of all people, the Dowager Countess fights for William to be able to come to Downton knowing that his injuries will be fatal. William defended Matthew from the explosion therefore subjecting himself to the majority of the impact. Matthew comes to Downton with what seems like a broken spine, disabling him of walking and producing children. When Matthew learns this he orders Lavinia to leave and never come back so he doesn’t ruin her life by being “a cripple”. Good news. Isobel is contacted in France and comes back to see Matthew. All the while Mary is acting as nurse, tending to Matthew. When William finally comes to he knows that he is going to die because of the gas clouding his lungs. To make his last days happy ones, William asks Daisy to marry him now and the Dowager Countess has to fight with the reverend for him to perform the ceremony. Only hours after their wedding, William passes away. 😥

Also, on a not too much lighter note…Vera Bates returns because she is going to the press with the same old Mary/Pamuk scandal (knowing now Anna’s involvement). When Anna tells Lady Mary of Vera’s plans she rushes to Sir Richard so he can make Vera sign a contract stating she can no longer speak of the story once it is published. Sir Richard then of course doesn’t publish the story and when Vera finds out she is MAD.

So much time has passed that Ethel has now had her baby. Mrs.Hughes is helping her out by taking food from Downton and giving it to her. Since Ethel is unwed and has a child it has made it impossible to find work. The irony is the new house maid Jane is a single mother with a son. The difference being her husband died at the front.                                                                                                                                                                  O’Brien warned you. ^^

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