Episode 5 Reflection

SO MUCH SADNESS! This post is short…I’m way too sad! WAAHHH!

First thing, I love William! I couldn’t believe how he dove in front of Matthew to protect him from the grenade. William is my definition of bravery. Basically this was like William’s own episode. When William and Matthew are injured they are taken to the hospital, Matthew is taken to Downton but William is taken to Leeds which is very far away. Of all people the Dowager Countess makes it so William can come to Downton. Then later on when everyone knows William is going to die, the Dowager Countess blackmails the reverend so that he will marry Daisy and William. This episode totally showed how good of a person the Dowager Countess really is. Even though she is old-fashioned, overly opinionated, and bossy she really has a good heart. While William was lying on his deathbed for their wedding, almost everyone in the house came, even Thomas and O’Brien. It was so sad everybody was tearing up..I definitely cried the most though.


I’m trying to cheer up. I am so glad Matthew is alright (well kind of alright). Since he has lost the use of his legs, I never stopped to think about the burden that would carry on Lavinia. Then Matthew told her to go home and think of him as dead because he knew he would ruin her life. I’m getting sad again! They would never be able to have children so the Crawley name would stop with their deaths. I think it was a little pretentious that Matthew lived and William survived, but at the same time. Since William was Matthew’s batman, I suppose it is realistic that he would have taken a bullet (or in this case an explosion) for Matthew.

Dowager Countess Quote(s):

Reverend Travis: This boy is an extremist. How can we know that these are his true wishes? Maybe the kitchen maid somehow hopes to catch at an advantage.
Dowager Countess: Well, what advantage would that be?
Reverend Travis: Some widow’s dole given by a grateful nation?
Dowager Countess: Mr Travis, can I remind you William Mason has served our family well. At the last, he saved the life, if not the health, of my son’s heir. Now he wishes before he dies to marry his sweetheart.
Reverend Travis: Yes, but—
Dowager Countess: You cannot imagine that we would allow you to prevent this happening in case his widow “claimed her dole”.
Reverend Travis: No, but–
Dowager Countess: I have had an interest in this boy. I tried and failed to save him from conscription, but I will certainly attend his wedding. Is that an argument in its favour?
Reverend Travis: Of course, but—
Dowager Countess: Finally, I would point out your living is in Lord Grantham’s gift. Your house is on Lord Grantham’s land, and the very flowers in your church are from Lord Grantham’s garden. I hope it is not vulgar in me to suggest that you find some way to overcome your scruples.


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