Episode 6

With the war nearing the end, Downton’s career as a convalescent home seems to be wrapping up. Before that happens, we are introduced to a soldier named Patrick Gordon, Patrick is a Canadian soldier who wished to be transferred to Downton because he claims to have relation to the Crawleys. Daisy is still moping around the kitchens because she still feels as though everyone encouraged her to swindle William by making him think she loved him.

Sir Richard is planning to buy Haxby ( an estate near Downton ) for Lady Mary and himself once they are married. To “surprise” Lady Mary, Sir Richard asks Mr.Carson if he would be good enough to come work for them at Haxby. Near the end of the episode Carson makes his decision that he will leave Downton to assist Lady Mary with her new life.

Even though the war will soon be ending, Isobel isn’t ready to quit martyring just yet. She tries to push the idea on the Dowager Countess and Cora that Downton should stay on as a permanent convalescent home. Of course, the Dowager takes this as a chance to pull Isobel away by showing her a case more in need.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Isobel is SO Middle Class.

Mr.Carson finds Mrs.Hughes supplimenting Ethel’s food for her baby. Mr.Carson orders Mrs.Hughes to tell Lady Grantham and when she hears the situation she is upset that Ethel’s boy is without a father. Cora then states that she will write to Major Bryant to see if he will take responsibility for his child. Later on we discover that Major Bryant has been killed in battle.


Patrick & Edith soon become friends when Patrick tells Edith that he is actually Patrick Crawley. ( the rightful heir of Downton who allegedly drowned on the Titanic in Episode 1 ) Edith was in love with Patrick even though he & Mary were supposed to marry in 1912. Patrick suffered a case of amnesia when he was transported to Canada off the Titanic. In 1914 he joined the war and was caught in a blast, then a few months later his memory of his life before the Titanic came back. The bad part is that if Patrick is telling the truth, he will displace a recently crippled Matthew as heir. Patrick & Edith try their hardest to convince the family that he is the “real Patrick” but in the end Patrick unexpectedly leaves because he feels like an outcast. Poor Edith 😦

Bates gets a call from his lawyer who says that Vera is going to tell the judge that Bates only paid her to agree to a divorce. Therefore Bates & Anna’s plans are once again destroyed because the court will determine their divorce request has withholding information. The finale of the episode is Bates getting a telegram stating his wife is dead.

I can’t be the only one who was sad??? 😦

Since Lady Mary has been acting nurse for Matthew, Sir Richard is paranoid she will leave him for Matthew. It is then Richard tells Cora to bring Lavinia back into Matthew’s life. If Mary were be with Matthew they could never produce an heir. ( And you know how much everyone cares about that ) When Lavinia returns she tells Matthew that she is never leaving him again. But of course Mary & Matthew are internally in love.

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