Episode 6 Reflection

This episode is CRAZY!

Oh my god, kay first thing. Patrick. That was scary stuff, right when they said he wanted to transfer to Downton and his name was Patrick I knew he was the real heir. Well, after I saw this episode for the first time I had my doubts whether he was the true heir or just an imposter like Lady Mary said. I think I really didn’t want him to be the heir because then Matthew would have been disinherited and that would have broken my heart. Especially since he has been through so much now, but never the less the more I assess the situation I truly believe Patrick is telling the truth. I can’t imagine having been wounded from the Titanic then two years later signing up for the war, being caught in an explosion, getting my memory back and trying to convince your distant family that you are actually alive and the true heir with no proof of it but word of mouth. Secondly, I said it once and I will say it again POOR EDITH! Edith was in love with Patrick ion 1912 regardless of the fact that he nd Mary were engaged. Mary was simply marrying Patrick out of orders, but Edith truly loved him. This is another reason why I believe Patrick’s story because he recollects Edith’s past love for him. They really are good for eachother…even though they would be second cousins…… :S Uhh aristocracies can be a scary prospect.

Secondly, how about the writers just rip out my heart with their bare hands? Carson is leaving Downton? WTF? HE practically raised the Crawley sisters and is bffs with Robert. The main thing about Carson leaving is that fact that Mrs.Hughes would be left behind 😦 I apologize for fangirling but the two of them cannot be split up. I know their relationship has never been “specified” but they are secretly married or something. Honestly, people.

Oh my god. These two are so married! Like seriously?

Worst part about this episode! *drumroll* Vera dies! Excuse me but how is that even feasible? What is with Vera’s lack of characterization? She probably had eight minutes of screen time in two episodes. She should have had heavy plot lines and long scenes. She is the only thing stopping Anna & Bates being together, they admitted their love to one another in episode 5 and yet Vera has still found ways to see their dreams go unfulfilled six years later. Maybe even in death?


Dowager Countess Quote:


Isobel Crawley: The truth is Cora, their is a reason for inviting you here today, and I very much fear I am going to be a great dissapointment to you.

Cora Crawley: Oh?

Isobel Crawley: Cousin Violet is in part to blame.

Dowager Countess: Yes I usually am…

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