Episode 7

1919 is here! Bye, bye convalescent home and hello “traditional” Downton. Though most of the characters are anxious to get things back to normal, Cora & Robert are not the same. Their relationship has been struggling throughout the war because of Cora’s hectic schedules and Robert’s self pity. Robert has recently been confiding in the new housemaid Jane…a little too much. Sybil however is ready to take the next step forward for her future. Lady Mary is busy lamenting over her and Matthew’s lost love, and it has not gone unnoticed in Richard’s eyes. Richard ask Anna to give him a daily report on Lady Mary’s actions because he wants to know more about his future wife. Anna declines his offer and reports it to Mr.Carson & Mrs.Hughes. It is then that Carson decides he could not leave Downton to go with Lady Mary and Sir Richard to Haxby because he cannot work for a man he does not respect.

Matthew has recently noticed short feeling in his legs, one night when Lavinia almost falls over Matthew uses his cat-like instincts and miraculously stands up. Matthew will make a full recovery because Dr.Clarkson “didn’t want to raise hopes when he was uncertain if he would ever heal”. And everyone’s faces when he stands up are amazing!

 After Matthew’s regained mobility he announces at dinner that he and Lavinia are engaged…again. When the Dowager Countess sees Mary’s expression when Matthew announces the wedding plans, she makes it her job to tell Matthew that Mary is still in love with him. Love seems to be a huge drama in this episode…Anna & Bates have hit a snag of course. Shortly before what was determined to be Vera’s “suicide”, she wrote a letter to a friend saying that she feared for her life. This will in future, undoubtedly look bad on Bates.

Thomas is back to scheming by spending all his money on food to sell it for a high price (war rationing sucked). When Thomas gives Mrs.Patmore and Daisy supplies so they can make a cake they discover that the “food” is made of two-thirds plaster dust. Thus leaving Thomas dead broke.

Mr. & Mrs. Bryant (the grandparents of Ethel’s baby) come to visit Downton & get an unexpected surprise when Ethel announces their son was her baby’s father. Mr.Bryant does a massive flip out and once again Ethel is left with nothing.

Last but not least, Sybil has come to the conclusion that Branson is her ticket to happiness & decides to run away with him to be married. Only to be dragged back to Downton by Mary, Edith & Anna.

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