Episode 7 Reflection


Number One: Robert & Jane

Robert & Jane have acted as confidants to each other over the past few episodes. The war has been hard on both of them and I think it is great they have built up a relationship. What IS NOT great is Robert kissing Jane in the wine closet! I love Robert. I love Jane. THIS however is inexcusable. OH MY GOD! Poor Cora 😦 I can’t even imagine how many aristocrats would have had affairs. I imagine the amount would have been phenomenal because of the aristocracy’s strict laws against divorces. Robert & Jane, as cute as you guys are…stop. Just stop.


Kay whatever fine, I’ll just find Cora someone else. She’s gorgeous…she won’t have a problem.

Number Two: The Bryants

Major Bryant was a total jerk who got Ethel pregnant. Since his death his father has been a total jerk aswell. I don’t understand why Mr.Bryant denies that his grandchild is legitimateley his. The Bryants’ only had one child, now that he is dead they will never have another. Mrs.Bryant wants to see Ethel’s baby, but of course in these times “its a man’s world”. The worst part is, this drama has all occured because Ethel & Major Bryant were’t married when they had the child. If they had been married, Ethel could have shown the Bryants’ the legal documents & all would be well. Now Ethel’s baby Charlie has to pay the price of living in poverty.

Number Three: Matthew’s Changes of Heart

Kay, you know two very incredible girls. They are both very in love with you. Can you PLEASE choose who it will be? Mary was your first “true love” and has been a best friend and comfort to you for a long time. Lavinia is the “new girl” who will remain devoted to you for the rest of her life. Mary is self absorbed, Lavinia always put you before herself. Mary is a Slytherin. Lavinia is a Hufflepuff. Seeing as though Matthew is a Gryffindor, I know that fortunately in the end, he will make the best choice for him.

Lavinia & Mary
Love you both!

I am astounded by the understanding Lavinia & Mary have for each other. They are both in love with the same man, yet they always are seeming to take one another’s feelings into consideration. Their relationship with Matthew over time has formed into a subtle love triangle, and I applaud their human decency. In the beginning I was excited for Mary & Matthew, then when they broke up and Matthew met Lavinia during the war and announced their engagement I was skeptical. Now, I am happy that they have reanounced their engagements. Either way, whatever happens. I know that Matthew will have a good wife in the end. AND NOW HE CAN WALK AGAIN!!! 😀Dowager Counress Quote:

Robert Crawley: I nearly came down in a dinner jacket tonight.
Dowager Countess: Really? Well, why not a dressing gown? Or, better still, pyjamas?
Robert Crawley: That’s why I didn’t.
Isobel Crawley: I like the new fashions. Shorter skirts, looser cuts. The old clothes were all very well if one spent the day on a chaise longue, but if one wants to get anything done, the new clothes are much better.
Dowager Countess: I’ll stick to the chaise longue.

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