Episode 8

Regardless of the dramatic happenings, get ready to bawl your eyes…well at least I did.

The moment has come. Sybil and Branson tell the family their plans to marry and naturally the family is against it. Robert & Sybil get into an argument over her future in marrying Branson, in addition he tries to bribe Branson into moving away and leaving Sybil alone. With no avail of course.Thomas is now in a tough situation because of his lack of money, work and housing. Mr.Carson tells him he will have to leave as soon as possible, so to ensure his place Thomas actually helps out. Everybody is making preparations for Matthew & Lavinia’s wedding, unfortunately problems are arising and the spanish flu is no exception. Within a matter of minutes Cora, Mr.Carson & Lavinia all are hit by the Spanish Flu. Thus forcing the wedding to be postponed.

While everyone is presumed sleeping, Mary finds Matthew alone and they begin to dance. As they are dancing Matthew tells Mary that the Dowager Countess came to him and told him to marry her. Even though Mary & Matthew know they can never be together they kiss. While they are kissing, Lavinia decends down the stairs, but Mary and Matthew were unaware of everything Lavinia saw.

Anna has had enough of things getting better and then much worse. She tells Mr.Bates to go get a marriage liscence regardless of all the hardships with the law they are going through right now. When Anna tells Lady Mary her plans, Mary permits them to sneak out of Downton for a few hours to get married.

Ethel is still upset over the encounter with her baby’s grandparents and she feels her last chance has come. The Bryants made up their minds and now want to discuss the baby’s future. Unfortunately, Mr.Bryant had different ideas then Ethel. He simply want her to give the baby to them so he can raise him as his own heir. Ethel ultimately decides she will not accept their “help” because her baby is all she has now.

Lord Grantham and Jane are still carrying out their “relationship” but when they are almost caught by Mr.Bates, Robert decides he can “no longer go through with this” (even though he is madly in love with her). Near the end of the episode, Jane leaves Downton Abbey rendering that it would probably be for the best. Before Jane leaves, when she and Lord Grantham were commiting adultery, Lady Grantham is upstairs dying from the spainsh flu, being tended to by no other than O’Brien. Dr.Clarkson was positive Cora was going to die and the others would be fine but being a tricky disease, over night it flip flops. Cora starts to recover, and when the others go to check up on Lavinia they find her on death’s door. Lavinia’s last words are her telling Matthew to “be happy”.

At Lavinia’s funeral, Matthew tells Mary Lavinia’s last request for Mary and Matthew to be happy together. Even though Mary and Matthew are still in love, Matthew explains that they have to forget about eachother now because Lavinia saw them kissing and died of a broken heart.

In the finale, Robert realises he cannot prevent Sybil and Branson’s marriage so he gives them his blessing.

Also when the servants return to Downton from Lavinia’s funeral, Mr.Bates is arrested for the “willful murder” of his wife Vera.

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