Episode 8 Reflection

AHHHHHH!!!!!*&#)$&%* WHYYYYY?????

^^ What Downton Abbey does to me.

Kay, this post is pretty much all my feelings messed up into a few paragraphs.

The Spanish Flu was a massive epidemic that broke out in March 1918, and “ended” in the spring of 1919. The Spanish Flu spread worldwide killing an estimated five percent of the world’s population. The Spanish Flu went in two “waves”, unfortunately the second wave was far more deadly, and guess what wave they are in at Downton. That is right. When people first seemed to be succumbing to the Spanish Flu most did not know what to make of it..the symptoms seemed somewhat bizarre. For example, a typical case would have been: Extreme fatigue, sweating, headaches, vomiting, & bleeding from the nose, mouth, and ears. The Spanish Flu was also known for turning one’s skin blue. Not very pretty.  It would be no shock that in a grand home like Downton Abbey that three people would suffer from the Spanish Flu’s outbreak. But of course, everyone is shocked at how gruesome it really is, within a few short hours headaches turn into vomiting and bleeding profusely.

OH MY GOD! When Cora said she wasn’t feeling well at dinner I was just thinking kk…she’ll be fine. Then when Anna comes out to serve dinner, Cora excuses herself and goes up to bed. Then they call Dr.Clarkson. When they called Dr.Clarkson I KNEW it was Spanish Flu!!! What I didn’t know was how drastically it would affect her! Oh my god her nose was like a faucet of blood, she was tossing and moaning and sweating. Then when the Doctor checked on Lavinia and Mr.Carson they were in much better shape than Cora. Everyone thought Cora was going to die. The only way Cora was going to survive was if she lasted through the whole night.  Which she did, thanks to O’Brien’s care.Later on, everything flip-flopped. Lavinia who was previously fine and coherent was now the one who was going to die. Too bad she didn’t have someone as devoted as O’Brien by her side. But hey, whats a maid for right? Wrong…..where is Robert? Shouldn’t he be taking care of HIS wife of almost thirty yea-oh that’s right I forgot! He’s making out with Jane in his dressing room. You know what Robert? Why don’t you go marry Jane. O’Brien is being more of a husband to Cora then you are by miles. GRRR! And people still hate O’Brien, oh my gosh, do they not see her devotion? Maybe she caused Cora’s miscarriage but she is SORRY! OK? She is living with the guilt and is trying to make up for it the best way she can. That was in 1914, this is 1919. People change. I feel O’Brien is really a selfless person now. When Cora was beginning to come around from the flu, O’Brien was crying and she was going to admit that it was she who caused the miscarriage. Whether it be fortunate or unfortunate, Cora wasn’t able to comprehend her because she was so sick. O’Brien is AMAZING, everybody STFU.

^^ O’Brien doesn’t care what you think of her.

But ummm anyways…back to Lavinia. So now regardless of Mary & Matthew’s love for each other, Matthew thinks it best that they stay away from each other because they “deserve to be unhappy”. What no one understood is that Lavinia was what I like to call a SUPER MARTYR. She stood up for her cause, and never said things she didn’t mean. Even though Lavinia was madly in love with Matthew, she knew in her heart she could not keep him away from the one he truly loved. How many people oversee their future husband making out with his ex, talk to them rationally about what they saw, and then thoroughly explain why they want him to be happy. OH MY GOD! WHO DOES THAT? HELLO ROLE MODEL! I should have known Lavinia was going to die, because there is no way all of the girls who watch Downton Abbey would be happy with Mary & Matthew split apart. Personally I am Team Lavinia. Mary may be cool, but Lavinia is Miss.Human Kindness.  

So Mary…you have this lovely girl to thank. >

Because she stepped down, you and Matthew can finally be together.

You’re welcome.

R.I.P. Lavinia

Dowager Countess Quote:

Dowager Countess: All on your own?
Edith: I’ve left space at the front for jewels. I know Lavinia’s getting something from Papa.
Dowager Countess: And from me. Though she’s so slight, a real necklace would flatten her. What news of Sybil?
Edith: Papa is with her now.
Dowager Countess: I’m afraid it’ll end in tears.
Edith: Maybe. But they won’t be Sybil’s.
Dowager Countess: I used to think that Mary’s beau was a misalliance, but compared to this, he’s practically a Hapsburg…Oh, don’t worry. Your turn will come.
Edith: Will it? Or am I just to be the maiden aunt? Isn’t this what they do? Arrange presents for their pretty relations?
Dowager Countess: Don’t be defeatist, dear, it’s very middle class.

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