Episode 9 (Christmas Special)

CHRISTMAS TIME AT DOWNTON! 😀 (For about ten minutes)



Nearly everything about this special was perfection. From Lady Rosamund’s return, to Thomas & O’Brien playing Ouija board, to news of Sybil being pregnant!

When I saw these four with a Ouija board…my life had instantly been made.

In this episode, Bates is still on trial for his life and the courts call upon Mrs.Hughes, Miss.O’Brien, & Lord Grantham to be witnesses for the prosecution. Edith and Sir Anthony (who were getting engaged in Series 1) ran into each other & it is in Edith’s hopes they will get back together. Sybil and Branson are living in Dublin, and Mary and Edith attended their wedding. Then all of a sudden BAM its New Years!


Thomas is pressing to be Lord Grantham’s valet now that Bates is in prison. Lord Grantham still doesn’t trust Thomas from all his previous thieving, so O’Brien encourages Thomas to take something Lord Grantham loves and then “find it” and give it back. Thomas then takes Isis (the family dog) and hides her in the woods and locks her up. Mr.Bates is sentenced to death, later it changing to life imprisonment. Lady Rosamund has a new boyfriend and the Dowager Countess finds out he is a “fortune hunter”. Robert has lately been wondering why Mary is still engaged to Sir Richard because she despises him. Cora then feels it is time to tell Robert about the Mary/Pamuk scandal that happened in 1912. Robert then tells Mary that her mother told him of the scandal, and though he was disturbed by it, marrying Sir Richard and jeopardizing her happiness was not worth the holding of the scandal. Isobel knows that Matthew & Mary are still in love so she tells him to just propose to her again and stop using Lavinia’s death as an excuse for sadness.

Daisy is still is moping around because she feels bad for marrying William. Mrs.Patmore then uses the Ouija board to convey a message from “William” to Daisy telling her to go visit his father. Daisy and Mr.Mason decide to start being father/daughter because they now only have each other.

On the night of the Servants Ball Anna catches Lady Rosamund’s maid and Lady Rosamund’s boyfriend making an exit while the others are dancing. Of course when Rosamund sees them…she isn’t very pleased. What is worst for Rosamund is the fact that her mother was right about him being after her money.

The final moment: Matthew & Mary are standing outside of Downton at night time and it is snowing, and Matthew proposes to Mary officially.

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