Christmas Special Reflection


I can’t even give you my views on the special, because all I can focus on is it being the last installment so far.

I simply. Cannot handle this. Like,….CANNOT. No- just no.

Everything that has been happening is just the epitome of utter perfection, but they need to HURRY UP!

I can’t believe how many issues were addressed, yet how many things were left unsaid. When I watch this show it is the happiest time of my life and then it ends and I want to crawl into a hole with pillows, and tissues.

The 1920s should be an interesting new step. I’m very excited, yet reluctant for new hairstyles, clothing, vehicles etc… I like thinks the way they are…well…they way that they were. They passed through the 1910s so quickly that I think the 1920s will drag out far longer. All in all there are very few things I would change about the episode. Or series…or show in general.

This cast is just so kind and so adorable and so witty. I’m trying not to sound obsessed because I hate girls who react over EVERYTHING! But when it comes to this show I do.

Any news/interviews/photos/gifs/twitter posts on this show and I turn into a complete idiot.

Yea…its not a very pretty sight.

So in short:

Series 3 has to hurry! Because I cannot bring myself to write about the Christmas Special without a conclusion.

Awesome Moments: Christmas Presents

Servants Ball

Now all we need is more elaboration on O’Brien/her life & to bring Gwen Back!

Dowager Countess Quote:

Dowager Countess: Oh, what on earth’s the matter?

Sir Richard: I’m leaving in the morning, Lady Grantham. I doubt we’ll meet again.

Dowager Countess: Do you promise?

[Richard exits.]

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