Episode 5

Episode 5 is rather servant oriented, which is why it is one of my favourite episodes. It all begins with Daisy recollecting Mr.Pamuk’s death, she spills the beans in the servants hall when she is talking about Lady Mary’s bedroom and Mr.Pamuk’s death. Thomas & O’Brien are the only ones who riddle out what Daisy has tried to avoid speaking about. Thomas & O’Brien now know that Lady Mary, Daisy and themselves know what happened that night. Thomas has also written to his friend about Lady Mary not being virtuous and now the secret is out that Mary isn’t a virgin all around London.

Lady Sybil applies for another secretarial job for Gwen, the two sneak out on horse and carriage together to go to Gwen’s interview. Of course on their way back making good time, the horse goes lame causing both girls to be extremely late.

Early on Mr.Bates also witnesses Thomas stealing a bottle of wine from the wine cupboard. O’Brien advises Thomas to try to save his own skin by turning the tables on Bates by making up a lie. Later while the servants are in the hall Mr.Carson announces that one of Lord Grantham’s snuff boxes has gone missing, Thomas of course has hidden it in Bates’ room in attempt to get him kicked out of Downton for thievery. Anna later suspects that the missing snuff-box is Thomas & O’Brien’s doing she tells Bates to search his room and when he finds the box they can plant it in either Thomas or O’Brien’s room. Bates and Anna then suggest that Mrs.Hughes and Mr.Carson search through each servants bedroom until they find the missing box. Jumping up scared Thomas & O’Brien run to search their own rooms. (They don’t often have plans backfire so this was cool) Lastly downstairs, Mrs.Patmore has been very irritable lately and we learn it is because she is going blind.  On a happier note Anna & Bates finally admit their love to each other. FINALLY!

Now for the Crawley Family! Downton’s Annual Flower Show is around the corner and the Dowager Countess always wins the trophy for “the best bloom in the village”. When Isobel learns this she goes to the Dowager and asks her to tell the judges to judge fairly and not just give her the prize because of her position. Of course it becomes a feud between the two older ladies but eventually the Dowager Countess does something SELFLESS and gives the trophy to the man who deserved it.

Mary & Matthew are getting along more but no one sees a future in their relationship. So as always, leave it to Cora to try to set Mary up (again) with Sir Anthony Strallan. Mary is uninterested in Strallan so Edith takes her chances and tries to win him over. As the episode progresses Mary and Edith battle continuously. One night Edith overhears Mary speaking ill about her to their mother, and leave it to Miss.O’Brien to stir up more trouble. O’Brien knows of Edith & Mary’s quarrel so she tells Edith that Daisy knows what happened the night Pamuk died. Edith then finds all the information she needs to ruin her sister when Daisy reluctantly confesses everything she saw. The episode ends with Edith writing to the Turkish Ambassador on how one of their men ( Pamuk ) died in Lady Mary’s bed. DANG.

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